A Performance told by today's youth for tomorrow's students in their own voices

  • Revival of a forgotten history which we all stand on.

  • The play demonstrates that the Laws which govern us today are not always made in parliament but can originate from ordinary people.

  • A strong narrative shows that your actions matter and standing together can affect a broader change.

The Roy Hackett Story

performed by the St Bonaventure's School Drama Club.


A live performance tells the story of Roy Hackett.

One man that changed black history and changed all of England’s history by his actions.

The Bristol Bus Boycott in 1963, culminated in changing the law in the UK and ushering in the new Race Relations Act in parliament, a foundation which we all stand today.

  • When - 15th October 2022

  • Showtime time 4 pm - 6 pm​

  • Free entry 


Stratford Youth Zone,

Theatre Square,

London E15 1BX